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CongressEdits Twitter Bot Catches Congress Editing Reptillians Page

from io9:

Congress EditsĀ is a Twitter bot that tweets every time a person in US government anonymously edits Wikipedia. This is our favorite edit so far, in which an anonymous person in the House of Representatives added a denial to an article on U.S. politicians being secret alien lizards.

well then, what else can i say today about our reptilian overlords? not much. they’re here, it’s real, and we need to deal with it.


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22 Responses

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  1. TheLizardPeople says

    DENY DENY DENY exactly what lizard people do, right before a delicious meal of crickets, haha love the gif

  2. n*** says

    Wtf, you created the site then comment on your own post?
    1 lizard people are not real
    2 If they are real then you are trying to confirm that rich and important people are, thus taking heat off yourself, meaning you are a lizard person, trying to trick us!!

    I know your secret now you filthy lizard man!

  3. lizard leder says

    we gut u now.
    we trikd u al.
    now we invad an et u

  4. lizard leder's leder says

    lizard leder u dun it now
    ur in trouble
    peeple there is no lizards
    go bak two ur lifes

    • Anonymous says

      Translation: Lizard “leader” “you’ve” “done” it now. “you’re” in trouble” “people there “are” no lizards go “back” “to” “your” “lives” How do you survive everyday life spelling and writing like that. Hope you’re not a dumb as you sound.

    • leder of lizard leder's leder says

      jdfgao sdf njgiowmvwe gmvoi wvdmf biopn mweoi !!!

  5. Anonymous says

    You’ve done it now.
    Just had to kick the ‘tard nest.

    Lizard deniers, u so stoopid.

  6. beauty41 says

    You’re watching too many sci fi movies

  7. lizard leder's leder's leder says

    Pls remove site
    no lizards here
    nothing to b seen

    we r wat-ching

    • leder of lizard leder's leder's leder says

      wee r al lizards. acnknoiqaiodvnalkpqejvoivnqsonvoianvioas !!!

  8. Anonymous says

    Your gonna crash soon so do what u can but the real people will understand and know where to go.

  9. bob says

    Sounds like you have been watching too much V lmmfao…..entertaining as hell when drunk

  10. Reptar says


  11. Anonymous says

    Fucking morons lizzard pepole what like from the tv serries V I think you cunts need to get of the drugs

  12. Anonymous says

    I think I saw a lizard alien the day before yesterday, he was planning checkers with big foot.

    I think big foot was winning I’m not sure.

  13. Anonymous says

    You want to hear something crazier. I been studying for the past couple years this theory that the world elites are Reptilians. The reason am talking about this cause i know for a fact they are not actual reptiles but people who are posses by a demonic entity. The reason for my conclusion is because we all know about illuminati. And we also know every last 2 weeks of July the world elites head to northern California to a 2200 acre land named Bohemian grove. An exclusive place own by the Bohemian club. Where they practice acient Sumerian Babylonian satanic rituals and worship a 40 foot demon owl named Moloch who comes out in the Christian bible. I mention this cause acient Sumerian has said the owl resembles the Reptilian hybrid. And in Geniuses during the garden of Eden Satan presented himself as a serpent to Eve . And we all know the serpent comes from the reptile family. And that’s where the “Reptilians” term comes from which also makes a lot of sense. Am mentioning this because so you will understand the article which came out today . Regarding about the US government editing Wikipedia about this theory.

    • Treon Verdery says

      when the voices I hear as well as their images disntegrate they occassionally become reptilian. it is pretty simple to describe a biological weapon that contraceptivizes all reptiles. bacteria or virus produce aptamer that gloms to reptile protein the aptamer is linked to gonadatropin releasing hormone receptor placeholder also peptide tx-26 or aflotoxin make that a bacteria that lives at grass as well as reptiles causes absence of reptile reproduction

  14. Anonymous says

    Stupid shit their are REAL threats to our democracy!

  15. Godzilla says

    Shut up guys! Ur gunna get us in trubble!

  16. abe airport says

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  17. Anonymous says

    pepl plz, nu ned to fit, nun lizard pep her

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