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If you see someone as a lizard, what does that mean?

It can be tough to properly identify a lizard person. They don’t always have scales, slitted eyes, and bad breath. If you see someone as a lizard person, you should be cautious and observe their behavior:

Do they seem to never age, no matter how much time passes?

Do they have an usually angular or strong jaw, with many muscles in it? Does it open to an unusual angle?

Do they ever exhibit bizarre or unusual arrogance, like someone who knows something is coming?

Have you ever observed them showing unusual interest in shiny objects or spaceships?

Are you actually familiar with their family? Does anyone in their family exhibit similar tendencies? They may be a plant in the family, or they may be an entire family of lizard people!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Well I’ve been called a lizard because I’m weird,but it’s a metaphor.

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