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The Wire Covers Lizard People in the US Government

Internet news blog The Wire covered lizard people in the US government on their site this past fall. I regret not posting this earlier. It’s good to recognize some broadly read blogs are picking up the news about this critical issue. However, I have to say that I disagree with their assessment of Barack Obama and Joe Biden as lizard people. They may be mistakenly working in concert with the goals of the lizard people, but I am pretty sure they’re actual humans.

Their comments on the other politicians are likely spot-on though. Kucinich is an interesting possibility – What do you think, readers? Is he for humanity or for eating us?

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4 Responses

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  1. TheLizardPeople says

    Incorrect. Obama is king lizard. Have you seen him sign his name, with his weird left hand… lizards are always lefties…

  2. Anonymous says

    there is 5 types of aliens that have tried toinvade us and the warrior lizard people have won the war and are taking over the earth and the us gov have had a time machine, they are turning this earth into a place where they can live and us gov is going to kill us all,so they can control 5 hundred million .true stuff where do they get all these shows ,like men in black,what old is new again.

  3. JulieCarpp says

    I skipped to the last page, WE WIN….they go back to hell 🙂

  4. Anonymous says

    Are you guys serious lol

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